Tania Mouraud
2013 Backstage

The phantasmic shapes of concrete blocks immersed off Arromanches belong to a past period of
history : the battle of Normandy (june - august 1944). On initiative of Winston Chrurchill, an artificial Harbour composed of 71 Phoenix Caissons was created in order to disembark soldiers, material and vehicles.The major role it played for the liberation of France makes out of it a modern ruin with a memorial power.
Immortalized by Tania Mouraud in a serie of photographs with dark tones, it displays the responsability of the artist faced to History. The Photography build a « mental space of Memory » revealing mysterious forms of architectures relating them to contemporary vanities or post apocalytic sculptures. The precariousness of human existence is emphasized by a perspective underlined by the choice of thetitle « Backstage » as the frontpage of the massacre or its silent background.

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