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Tania Mouraud: Soundscape #0908 Back from India

«I have recorded many sounds during my trips around India: natural
and urban. It is the mix of these two worlds added to sound
designs which is the origin of the groove of the piece. I work
upon those sounds and create a factice universe where roles are
inverted: what appears as real is eletronically generated while
recordings of squirrels’ discussions develop into a crazy loop
appearing to have emanated from some new sound software.
The samples pile up to create an overwhelming noise experience.
I work mainly with lo-Fi and am not concerned with so-called purity
of recording or editing. I am solely concerned with the powerful
experience of any sound coming up and dying down the way it wants
with or without clicks, with or without background noise. I use the
so-called parasites of the recording machine and find it
interesting. I am not selecting any beautiful noise or rejecting
any unwanted sounds, so as to mimick the sound-engineer working
to create salable products. All sounds are wanted without any
hierarchy. I give all these to the hearer in a random manner. Enjoy.»

Tania Mouraud has founded in 2002 the group of experimental music:
Unité de Production: http://unitedeproduction.blogspot.com/

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Tania Mouraud

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