Tania Mouraud
2012 Nuit Blanche, Toronto

Once upon a time, 2011-2012

Video Installation

Inspired by the Brothers Grimm tales, Tania Mouraud went into the boreal forest of Canada and two forests of France to film the forest industry and different machines linked to the wood industry. The choreography of the moving images, the visual rhythms and the richness of colours provoke a deep emotional impact. The machines look like voracious monsters and bring back memories of the mythical figure of the ogre.
Thank you to Blandine Chavanne - Musée des Beaux Arts, Nantes; Dr. Claytus Davis and Judy Davis; Joel Lamy; Ambrose Madigan; Roland and Tristan Susse

The projection of this drama happening in another world, far from the city, introduces the balance of life on the main building of Toronto City Hall. This story, the fight for survival, appears on the exterior of the concrete and glass building.

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