Fata Morgana


In “Fata Morgana” (2016), which I carried out for the exhibition at the Visual Art Center (University of Texas, Austin) I wanted to stress the core ambiguity of images. In front of Pasadena’s industrial complex, where settled the hugest oil refineries in US, one can’t prevent to be impressed. During nighttime, the lights of the lamps and the fires of the flares create a strange and poetical atmosphere that I rendered with several static shots. While the monster keeps still, we hear only din and the flue gas moving in front of our eyes recall that industry never sleeps. This mesmerizing candling reminded me of “fata morgana”, the mirage of a palace built on water that one can seldom see along seashore… Then it reveals the other side of the images we think we’re familiar to.

Date Created 2016

Medium 4K

Duration 52’56” (loop)

Dimensions site specific (minimum size 6m x 3m26)

Credits Camera, Editing and Sound: ©Tania Mouraud

Production: ©Tania Mouraud & VAC, Austin, Texas, USA

Shooting Location: Pasadena, Texas, USA

Acknowledgment: Allison Myers



Pasadena, Texas, USA