Tania Mouraud
2014 - 2015 Balafres

Performed in Inden, Garzweiler and Hambach, Germany, the series of photographs show us the radical transformation process and, finally, the destruction of a land by excavating the mines of lignite which supply electric plants.
Where formerly stood an organic life, which now remains only at the margins, the gigantic industrial installations give birth to a moon and desolated landscape made of sands and rocks. Alternately, various points of view put into relief the excavation’s depth like gaping wounds moulding new hills and valleys, emphasize the installation’s hugeness thanks to the game of scales, highlight the metamorphosis by focusing on the borders between two disparate worlds. The range of colors is so reduced and the layout of the lines so geometrical that they draw a subjectless picture. The absence of a human figure in the series stress on the paradoxical and disturbing power of the machine : in Balafres, the large scale of the photographs are both the sign of a human will and the agent of its erasure…

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